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MootDogDev started in 2010, By  Derek Langton formerly of Boston, Massachusetts. Development Projects include Ios, and Android Apps. Reuqests for features and improvements are always welcome.  I would ask for your suggestions rather than criticism as you use any of the apps currently availible.  They are all a work in progress and with community participation, hopefully each one will evolve into something unique and user friendly.
Current projects include the following:
Smoopa for iPhone is a shopping app for the community.  Share pricing information with the community and earn rewards for shopping.  Features include: search for local prices of any item scanned by the community,  product search, 90 percent caching promoting low data consumption, offline ussage allowing for scanning when no data connection, History page where you can view all of your scanned item with you price history, recent store list of previously selected stores for ease of use, view current reward account balances and more.
CalcuQuick for iPhone:
A custom calculator with personalized user settings and functions.
ShopMoot for iPhone:
A shopping app for the organized shopper. Keep track of all your shopping trips by storing you purchases on your iphone.  Purchases are sorted by trips and date.  Features include: keyword search, todo list, in app calculator, SMS or email your todo list, Ability to backup you data to text file, price history for each item, One click Google and Amazon search of any history item, offline use capability and more.
LotteryPicker for iPhone:
A simple lottery number picker allowing the user to select a variety of options.  Store all of your picks to your phone and select a random pick based on your saved history of prior picks.  Custom settings include the following: select quick pick range from 1-100, select Bonus number range from 1-100,  option to choose a bonus ball pick, as well as an option to set the number of picks to be displayed.